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  • Railroad Springs 66 HOA Collection Policy

45 days

  • Issue invoice for late fee ($15)
  • Mail invoice and statement of account to homeowner
  • Prepare Notice of Delinquent Account: 30 days

45 days

  • Mail Demand letter to homeowner with 15 days to remit payment

60 days

  • Send homeowner information to collection agency

90 days

  • File Affidavit of Non-Payment and Notice and Claim of Lien in Coconino County
  • Mail homeowner copy of Affidavit of Non-Payment and Notice and Claim of Lien

180 days

  • Homeowner accounts returned from collections
  • Homeowner accounts sent to attorney for collections

Bulky Trash Collection

Bulk pick-up occurs once every four weeks. Please visit more detailed information. Do not place items out more than 48 hrs before the designated date, items must be at curbside by 6:00 am on the designated date. No exceptions.

Trash Collection is scheduled for Thursdays and Recycle Collection is scheduled for Wednesdays.

Acceptable Items

  • Extra Trash – Bagged, boxed, or bundled and under 50lbs
  • Furniture – Must be neatly stacked at curb
  • Tree Limbs – No more than eight feet long and ten inches in diameter
  • Yard Debris – Bagged, boxed, or bundled in four foot lengths; under 50lbs

Unacceptable Items:

  • Appliances – To schedule an appliance pick-up call (928) 774-0668
  • Construction Materials – Dispose of yourself, order a dumpster by calling (928) 774-0668
  • Electronics – To schedule a TV pick-up, contact Solid Waste at (928) 774-0668. All other electronics must be taken to the Hazardous Products Center for proper recycling and disposal. (928) 527-9005
  • Hazardous Waste (oil, anti-freeze, etc) – Contact the Hazardous Products Center at (928) 527-1927
  • Items over 50 lbs – Items must be hauled to the Cinder Lake Landfill (928) 527-1927
  • Tires – Tire disposal is through the Coconino County Waste Tire Yard, located at 5701 E. Penstock. Tire(s) are only accepted on Wednesdays from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Please call 527-2635

Friendly Reminders

This is just a friendly reminder of the city ordinances that need to be followed by homeowners in the City of Flagstaff. Not only does the association have rules, so does the city. Violations of these rules could lead to city enforcement and or fines.

Clearing of Sidewalks – City Ordinance 8-03-001-004

In the City of Flagstaff, it is the responsibility of home and business owners to keep their sidewalks clear of any snow, ice or debris. This is to be done within the first six hours of daylight after snowfall has ceased.

Parking Restrictions – City Ordinance 9-01-001-003

Snow removal parking restrictions are strictly enforced by the Flagstaff Police Department from November 1 to April 1.  No parking is allowed on city streets or alleys between the hours of 12:00 midnight to 7:00 am.

Nuisance Noise City  – City Ordinance 6-08-001-0002

The noise regulations of this Chapter shall apply on Monday through Friday between the hours of twelve o’clock (12:00) A.M. and six o’clock (6:00) A.M. and on Saturday and Sunday between the hours on one o’clock (1:00) A.M. and seven o’clock (7:00) A.M.

Failure to Control Dog – City Ordinance 6-02-001-0001

Dog at Large: Every person owning or having charge, care, custody or control of any dog of any age shall keep such dog exclusively upon his or her own premises; provided, however, that the dog may be off such premises if it is under the control of a competent person and restrained by a chain, leash, rope or cord of sufficient strength to contain and control such dog.

Prohibited Acts – City Ordinance 6-02-001-0011 

Barking or howling dogs: It is unlawful for any person owning or having the care, custody or control of any dog to permit said dog to bark, bay, howl or make any other noise, day or night, in such an unreasonable manner as to disturb the peace and quiet of any person or persons.

You are always welcome to call the Management Company to address any concerns. For any situation in violation of the city ordinance, we encourage you to call the police.

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