Management Company

Peaks HOA Management Company

We are often asked “What does Peaks HOA Management Company do for us?”

We wanted to give you a snapshot of what we’re responsible for as your HOA management company:

Financial Management

Invoice Homeowners

Receive Payments and Make Deposits

Assess Finance Charges

Mail Statements

Accounts Payable

Financial Reports

– Balance Sheet

– Profit and Loss Statement

– Income Statements

– Collections Reports

– Open Invoice Reports

Provide Documents for CPA

Collection Accounts



Receive Homeowners

Calls/QuestionsCollect Mail

Maintain Owner Data Base

Maintain HOA Records

Maintain Separate File for each Property

Board Correspondence

HOA Mailings


Annual Meeting Packets/Election Information

Disclosure Paperwork for Title Companies/New Homeowners

Maintenance Management

Obtain bids for Maintenance

Supervise Companies hired by HOA

CC&R Enforcement

Communicate to Board Regarding Projects

Maintenance Updates

Maintenance Recommendations



If you would like more information, please contact us.

Thank you,
Peaks HOA Management Company

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